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U-Image Wireless Ultrasound Ecosystem

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4.7 billion people worldwide lack access to medical imaging, in contrast to that 25 million medical professionals globally do not have access to medical imaging devices. Furthermore, many medical professionals feel ill-equipped to be able to scan at a level that they are comfortable with due to a lack of access to ultrasound devices and minimal opportunities to scan. U-Image is an African company looking to solve African healthcare problems.

Our point-of-care devices are affordable, robust, and most importantly accurate. They do not even require an internet connection to work as it is capable of a direct Wi-Fi connection with a local device.

“POCUS is an extension of the stethoscope that should be in the pocket of every treating physician.”

The primary factors influencing the adoption of point-of-care ultrasound include rising patient concerns about radiation protection and rising demand for assessing immediate bedside medical specialty data.

We at U-Image recognize the value of hand-held units, which enable medical professionals to use point-of-care ultrasounds anywhere, including hospitals, doctor's offices, or out in the field.

Our Mission for Africa

Understanding the needs of the African population, U-Image is focused on its mission of making imaging accessibility a norm on the continent of Africa. In order for this to occur it is imperative that a device that is capable of high volumes, under high-stress environments be created, U-Image is that device.


As a leader in accessible point-of-care ultrasound, we’re on a mission to make medical imaging available everywhere by producing advanced, reasonably priced, and simple imaging solutions. Our team has optimized the size of high-quality point-of-care ultrasound devices to provide physicians across all specialties with a usable, secure, and affordable choice.


We are committed to giving Africa access to these devices at an affordable rate and making sure that we partner with our community in working toward the improvement of scanning knowledge. This will not only accelerate the adoption of point-of-care ultrasound technology but also make sure that healthcare providers lead the charge to improve healthcare quality across the content of Africa.


The Picture of Trust

At U-Image, we know how crucial high-quality ultrasound images are for physicians to treat patients. There were 6 development pillars that U-image identified as essential in the development of a viable POCUS product for Africa

Bringing Point of Care Ultrasound to the next generation of Medical Professionals.

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James Bosman

Founder & CEO

Lisa Hernandez

Co-Founder & Chairman

Daniel Robertson

Co-Founder & Board Member

Una Lopez

Chief of Staff

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Head of Product
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