Crystal Clear, Portable, Wireless Ultrasound

A pocket-size device, that allows you to scan anywhere. Durable, affordable, and accurate. Improve your patient outcomes with live high-quality imaging through our U-Image platform.


3 in 1 Wireless Ultrasound Probe

Linear and curvilinear transducers that produce WHOLE-BODY scanning capabilities in any environment.


from Africa to the world


Redefine Accessibility

U Image Wireless Ultrasound Ecosystem


Manufactured in South Africa: Inspiring new ways

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All patients should have access to ultrasound. The solution is point-of-care. Cheap, accurate, and easily accessible to all.

We Equip You with the Tools to Deliver Unmatched Quality Imaging for Your Patients


3 in 1 wireless ultrasound probe

Proprietary Android mobile application

Cloud storage

Redefine Accessibility- U Image Wireless Ultrasound Ecosystem

Africa is one of the most under-resourced and overburdened healthcare systems in the world, with a great divide between the private and public healthcare systems. This allows a unique opportunity to add value within the healthcare space by innovating and adopting a decentralised approach to healthcare. Although dicult to implement on a systemic level - introducing the technology to allow small incremental change will ultimately result in a systemic change.

Manage Everything in Your Hand

Manage Everything in Your Hand

U Image Wireless Ultrasound Ecosystem

U Image Wireless Ultrasound Ecosystem

U Image Wireless Ultrasound Ecosystem


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Unlocking the potential
of bedside ultrasound

Rethink accessibility with the U-Image wireless ultrasound device.

Elevate Your Bedside Examinations and Clinical Care with U-Image: A Multipurpose Device for Symptom Detection and Reduced Intervention Time. Carry It with You as a Vital Part of Your Diagnostic Toolkit.

Hand-held ultrasound without sacrificing usability or image quality

Intended for use across all medical disciplines that perform imaging; it promotes improved access to care and provides opportunities to improve scanning skills through our proprietary platform.

Excellent image quality is only the beginning of excellent service.

Direct Wi-Fi allows you to connect to your U-Image device without using the internet. You can store, sort, and share your images on our online platform and collaborate with other professionals in our community.


Progress Tracker

Track your progress with our app.

Track your progress with our app.

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Point of care ultrasound
trusted by specialists

The U-Image device has gained widespread adoption among hundreds of African medical professionals as their preferred solution for reliable, portable ultrasound imaging. It has been utilized in a variety of clinical settings, ranging from primary care facilities to tertiary hospitals, providing life-saving diagnostic capabilities to thousands of patients.

U image Community

A caring community to help you stay on track

U-IMAGE Community

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